Weather-ATM Analysis and Visualization Environment (WAVE)

Weather-ATM Analysis Visualization Environment (WAVE) is a geospatial and weather-aware software application which allows an analyst to display and play back historical aircraft trajectories along with multiple polygon, point, and/or gridded datasets. WAVE input datasets can range from weather data (thunderstorm depiction, satellite, water vapor, etc.) to user-specific defined datasets. This tool is useful for analysts to better understand and visualize how the NAS responds to various weather events, and can be used to validate and/or improve models in order to better understand the weather’s impact on operations

WAVE can be used in GUI-mode or batch mode to conduct various analysis on user defined specified criteria. WAVE is available to be used by our in-house experts or licensed.

  • Historical “Weather-Centric” analysis tool and research platform
  • Brings together weather, weather forecasts, air traffic , and TMIs in a time-synchronized display for the purpose of facilitating an analysis of air traffic with historical weather and traffic management data
  • Capable of synchronized DART evaluation
  • Hosts multiple modules which satisfy customer analytical needs
  • Utilized in multiple capacities for analyzing air traffic, weather, and ATM decision making
  • Automated capabilities for analysis and algorithm execution for generating standardized reports/output
  • Able to be utilized in multiple industries