Similar Weather Toolkit

Understanding if a weather impact event was properly managed, or whether it always poses a specific problem, starts with the analysis of similar events seen in the past. Weather events – particularly adverse convective weather – can vary significantly by size, shape, location, severity, timing, duration, and evolution. AvMet overcomes this through the use of its Similar Weather Toolkit (SWT), which can process multi-year volumes of historical weather radar data to identify user-defined similar events. For any given day/time/region, the user can either input or construct the desired weather scenario and query the multi-year database to retrieve, within seconds, a ranked list of similar weather situations. Users can enhance these searches to account for additional similar attributes including storm top height, storm movement and speed, as well as evolution (e.g., growing or decaying line storm). The search function can also be set to control for areas where NO weather is desired, and enforce that as a key element included in retrieved similar events as well. These collective SWT capabilities can be used, among other things, for next-day or retrospective analysis of a specific weather-impacted day, or to identify suitable days for studying a particular weather phenomenon’s impact on airport/airspace operations.

SWT Application - Weather Post-Analysis Capability (WX-PAC)

WX-PAC is a concept for post-operations analysis incorporating objective weather and ATM impact data retrieval, analysis, and simulation of alternative traffic management strategies. The user can begin with the historical review of a day’s weather impact event, find similar past events using SWT and compare their operational outcomes, then explore alternative traffic management strategies using DART simulation, with results available within minutes. AvMet maintains a web-based service implementing this concept, which updates every morning with fresh data to support ‘next day’ operational reviews of weather impacts events on the air traffic system. AvMet’s WX-PAC service has been successfully demonstrated and evaluated as part of operations at the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center.