Program Management Support

AvMet team members are in direct and daily contact with the programs’ federal employees to provide close-in, tactical support; as well as providing more strategic support in areas such as budgeting, internal communications, and program planning.

AvMet’s System Engineering Division has provided and/or currently supports various programs including:

AvMet’s System Engineering Division has provided or currently supports the following programs:

Common Support Services- Weather (CSS-Wx) and NextGen Weather Processor (NWP)

The AvMet team has both led the generation of and directly generated artifacts such as, but not limited to, the preliminary Program Requirements (pPR), Screening Information Request Sections (e.g., Section C), Business Case Analysis Reports (BCAR), Shortfall Analyses, Alternative Analysis Description Documents, and Concepts of Use Documents.

NextGen Surveillance and Weather Radar Capability (NSWRC)

The AvMet NSWRC team provides both programmatic and technical support to the NSWRC program as it progresses through the initial stages of the FAA’s Acquisition Management System (AMS). The team successfully generated the required artifacts for the successful Concept and Requirements Readiness Decision. Additionally, the team is supporting technical work being performed at the WJHTC as part of the Concept Maturity Technology Development process.

Weather Data Integration

The AvMet team supports ANG-C6 in performing analyses to determine how weather data could best be integrated into NextGen Decision Support Tools (DSTs), in addition to assisting the program manager in the generation of planning artifacts (e.g., PLAs, program plans, CIT briefings).

Aviation Weather Research Program (AWRP)

The AvMet team supports the AWRP in the areas of general program management, financial management, and aviation weather subject expertise. The team works closely with the program manager to assist with both tactical day-to-day activities and in the creation of planning documentation (e.g., laboratory Technical Direction, PLAs, research plans).

Weather Technology in the Cockpit (WTIC) Program

The WTIC program has received support in the areas of general program management, budgeting, and technical expertise from the AvMet team since the program’s inception. The team provides close-in support to the program manager on a daily basis. Additionally, the AvMet team attends Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) meetings and represents the customer when taking part in RTCA working groups.

Terminal Area Icing Weather Information (TAIWIN) Program

AvMet is supporting the TAIWIN program by conducting a study to quantify the potential economic benefits from changes to operating rules in the terminal area initiated based upon findings from liquid water equivalent (LWE) research and winter weather ground icing research. The team is using in-house modeling and simulation capabilities to estimate the efficiency increases due to the rules changes and their associated monetized benefits.